Custody Services

Your clients’ assets are secure

Credential Correspondent Partners, a division of Credential Securities, is a neutral custodian option that delivers a robust, highly efficient, and reliable end-to-end custody solution.

We take a proactive approach to understanding your business and build a truly flexible and seamless solution catered to your needs.

  • Safekeeping - A secure facility for safekeeping physical certificate and book-entry issues.
  • Clearing and settlement - Straight Through Processing for speed and accuracy.
  • Dividend and interest collection - Income posted on due dates whether or not we have received payments from issuing companies.
  • Corporate action management and proxy voting - Corporate actions and elections handled in a timely manner.
  • Cash management - A wide selection of cash investment alternatives to optimize client returns.
  • Tax reporting - Simple tax documentation and efficient foreign tax reclaims processing.
  • Custom reporting - Accurate and timely customized reports
  • Account administration - Administration for a full range of registered and non-registered accounts.