Tailored Solutions

At Credential, we believe in customizing a strategy to grow your wealth management business, rather than simply taking a one size fits all approach.

We build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

More than just business planning, the Credential approach can create value for your business:

Uncover growth opportunities

We’ll show you how to leverage your existing business to earn a greater share of wallet and attract new clients. Our depth of expertise offers consultation in the areas of:

  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Distribution models
  • Compensation modeling
  • Succession planning

With Credential, you can access the information and resources you need to define and execute your strategy without having to employ these resources directly.

Align with strategic goals

To help execute your organizational strategy, Credential has developed a web-based Business Planning System exclusively for our partners. It offers the unique ability to roll-up individual advisors’ plans to the organizational level, providing a consolidated annual plan that can be tracked against actual results and benchmarks.

Measure your success

With access to data from the industry, competitors, our partners and other organizations in similar businesses, Credential can help you set key performance indicators and benchmarks specifically aligned with your strategic goals. Knowing where your business growth is coming from is key to understanding the growth drivers and the impact to your overall strategy.